About Us


 "TRAVAR" Ltd. was formed in July 1998. as a family company founded by Aleksandra and Ranko Travar. The company is engaged in wholesale of supplies and equipment for sport fishing and was working as an exclusive distributor of the famous international manufacturers such as: La Sirene X21, Berkly, Mitchell, Abu Garcia, Fenwick, Spiderwire, Carson, Baleno, Lukris, Garbolino, Vision, Mikado, Ryobi, Sasame, Tubertini, Alcedo, Fujitsu rods. Since 2010, our company is the exclusive distributor for the following brands: "RYOBI", "SASAME", "TUBERTINI", "VISION", "MIKADO", and during 2012 it is planned to start cooperation with another famous international manufacturer.

Since 1995,  director of the company, Mr. Ranko Travar has been one of the most famous journalist in the field of sport fishing in Serbia and the region. Associate of the most respected fishing magazine and co-author of many TV shows in the area of fishing on national and local television. The business philosophy of our company is contained in the slogan: "ALWAYS offer the best value for money".

Ranko Travar | Founder               Aleksandra Travar | Founder

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